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Orlando firefighter was trapped inside building next to World Trade Center

Felix Marquez spent this Sept. 11 reflecting on his survival near Ground Zero on the same day in 2001. Felix Marquez who now works for Orlando Fire department since 2004 was there that dreadful day. " It was so chaotic, initially," Marquez said. "The sound, the screaming, the people, the debris falling. That ball of smoke and debris took over and everything was silent." Trapped in a adjacent building for 20 hours until being found.

"I fly every year to New York," Marquez said. "My department actually allows me to use time to go to New York and get my health checked, so they do a full physical." Marquez said he's thankful to watch the city of Orlando honor the victims and survivors of Sept. 11, 2001, 17 years later. "They truly do this from the bottom of their heart, because they really don't want to forget,"

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