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  • The benevolent provides financial, physical and emotional assistance to our members and their families in times of need.Oftentimes firefighters and their families are faced with devastating hardships of their own. The benevolent is able to offer assistance to firefighters through their difficult time to get them back on their feet and return to serving the public. We offer support both locally and nationally.

  • Peer Support Team: Our Goal is to provide support and wellness to our fellow firefighters and their families through the process of listening, referral and support. The Peer Support Team member's role is one of support and allowing the Professional Provider to facilitate the peer's reactions to a critical incident, job related stress or personal crisis.   

  • Bereavement Assistance: We are the good will stewards of over 500 active members of the Orlando Fire Department and we are honored to have the ability to reach out to our members in their time of mourning. When there is a death, we assist our members during this time of sorrow by offering our deepest condolences and any assistance they may need, in addition to a thoughtful card and flower spray sent to the funeral ceremony or their residence. We have reached out to our members during this time locally and internationally as far as Ireland to date. At the members request we will send a small monetary donation in lieu of flowers to a recognized charity of their choice. We embrace this opportunity to discretely touch the lives of one of our own while also assuring them we are truly extended family looking out for all.

  • Hardships: From time to time, Firefighters will experience a hardship in their life. As public safety servants it is extremely important that they get assistance when needed and get quickly back on their feet able to protect and serve the public. Given the nature of firefighters, they always want to help another brother or sister firefighter.  This has become one of our areas of expertise. Being part of our department working day to day with each other we are able to become aware of one of our own needing assistance as they will rarely ask for help.

  • We have also assembled the troops and carried out work parties when member's homes were damaged from storms and floods, painting and upkeep of landscaping etc... When a member is injured or unable to do the work alone. The OFFBA is proud to give this assistance and handles all hardship situations extremely discretely and confidential.

  • Award of Benevolence: Each year we award an individual this prestigious award signifying a generous act of kindness and selflessness towards another. As you can imagine given the unique and Nobel character of a firefighter there are always many nominations for this award, someone going above and beyond in the community demonstrating an exceptional deed. The OFFBA executive board of directors has the difficult task of selecting only one nominee for this annual award. It is great to be surrounded by so many caring and giving people. It is always our distinct pleasure to honor the selected individual with the award of Benevolence for "Giving back to the Community"

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