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Firefighter helps children displaced from Fire

Members of the Orlando Fire Department on Monday afternoon delivered donated items to 20 children displaced after an apartment complex caught fire.

The blaze tore through the Royal Isles apartments Wednesday, damaging 12 apartments and leaving 71 residents displaced. The firefighters got together to teach about fire safety and give away some much needed supplies.

Residents only escaped with the clothes on their back. The fire destroyed a lot of family belongings but everyone was evacuated safely. The children were met on their first day of school with a community outreach that was much needed. Residents donated clothes, food, and toys while firefighters stuffed backpacks with supplies for school.

" See a need and be the need" says Orlando Firefighter Jason Hooper. All 71 residents currently have shelter through family, friends, and American Red Cross has stepped in to help with all other shelter needs.

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