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An Orlando Firefighter restarts a newborns heart

A frantic mother rang the doorbell of the Orlando Fire Department's Station One about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. Her 26-day-old son was cradled in her arms, lifeless and blue after he'd stopped breathing moments before, OFD Lt. Tim Capps said.

A firefighter took the tiny baby from his mother, rushing him through the Fire Department’s largest station at 78 West Central Blvd, Capps said. He took the infant to the vehicle bay where ambulances held the medical equipment needed and placed him on the ground to begin CPR.

"It’s not the cleanest environment we can be in, but it's the best we [could] do,” Capps said. “We're emergency medicine."

An alarm roused sleeping firefighters from their bunks. All 17 members at the downtown station rushed to help, sliding down the fire poles ready to pitch in, Capps said.

"There's no preparing for that, and instinct just takes over," Capps said. "There was really no one taking charge of that scene; everybody just knew what to do."

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